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Our team of professional operator and finishing staffs handle the most prestigious technology in town to deliver you the high quality products you ever dreamed of.

Document Print

Studio Kreasindo

High resolution on-paper printing for your stationery needs to get the most out of your business.

Flyer, Brochures, Business Card, Letterhead, Invitation, Poster, Notebook, Booklet, etc.


Well designed, printed and crafted packaging for every purpose you come up in your mind.

Custom food container, shopping bag, paper toy, product packaging.

Studio Kreasindo

Cut & Engraving

Studio Kreasindo

Creatively customized products which will be delivered the most precise content you love.

Engraved keychain, wood relief ornament, 3D puzzle, engraved trophy, custom product, unique die-cut business card.

UV Printing

All flat media printing on demand.

Printed acrylic, printed glass, printed ceramic tile, printed wood, printed plastic, printed any flat & stiff stuff.

Letter Sign

Your stand-out choice of creative signage you will love.

Product brand booth, shop sign, signage.

Dress Up

Beautiful and almost flawless creative branding on your most treasured stuffs.

Gondola header, framing, wagon, floor display, mobile booth, back rack, backwall. pillar.

Studio Kreasindo

Creative Design

Express your ideas and concepts to our design department so that we can provide you with some creative visual solutions to your abstract.

Corporate Identity Design

We understand that individual has its uniqueness, whether you're person or corporate, therefore we help you to express your unique personality through ideas, concepts and visuals.

For inquiry contact our sales & marketing team:
+62 711 353543


It simply means applying, combining and constructing your ideas into any well-built perfectly crafted products you want. It's very exciting to see your concepts turn into a real thing you can see, touch and use to whatever you have in mind for your profits.

Quality Control

Our product controller are determined to check and supervise every steps of the productions from the print files, raw material, raw products, finished product, pre-installment and even post-installment.


Selected materials, full calibrated printing machine and supervised raw printing file are our concerns to deliver you the result you always want to see.


After the printing process, products will go through the controlled finishing process so our final product will be on its finest desired function.


The final product will be packed carefully to keep its optimal condition till it's in our client's hands.


Our applicators always work professionally and really understand the actual condition of the media according to what, when and how our product be applied on.


Fast on-time delivery is always be our aim to really satisfy our clients.

Our Products


  • Mesin Cutting Sticker

    Mesin Cutting Sticker

    May 15, 2015

    Setelah membahas tentang berbagai jenis mesin untuk printing, kali ini kami ingin membahas tentang mesin yang dikhususkan untuk memotong stiker atau biasa disebut dengan mesin cutting sticker. Banyak mesin cutting sticker yang beredar di pasaran dengan kualitas yang memuaskan. Salah satu merk mesin cutter dan juga salah satu produk terbaik dari Jepang yang kami gunakan adalah Graphtec FC8000-160 dan Graphtec CE3000-120.

  • Mesin Digital Printing Outdoor

    Mesin Digital Printing Outdoor

    May 12, 2015

    Jika sebelumnya kami membahas tentang mesin digital printing outdoor yang mencetak media dengan ukuran kurang dari 2 meter, kali ini kami membahas sedikit tentang mesin digital printing outdoor yang berukuran di atas 2 meter. Mesin yang kami gunakan untuk printing outdoor dan wide format tersebut adalah Polaris Limo. Mesin ini sangat cocok untuk pembuatan baliho, billboard, poster, spanduk banner, stiker mobil dan untuk aplikasi outdoor lainnya.

  • Printer untuk Aplikasi Indoor dan Outdoor (2)

    Printer untuk Aplikasi Indoor dan Outdoor (2)

    May 11, 2015

    Satu lagi mesin printer untuk aplikasi indoor dan outdoor yang kami gunakan, salah satu produk terbaik dari Jepang, yaitu Mutoh Valuejet VJ-1304 dan VJ-1604. Kedua mesin ini memiliki spesifikasi yang hampir sama, karena Mutoh VJ-1604 sendiri merupakan pengembangan dari Mutoh VJ-1304. Namun perbedaannya terletak pada lebar maksimal cetak medianya.

About Us

Studio Kreasindo has evolved from a merely digital printing company into a giant company that providing the very best digital printing services and products. We are always strive for satisfactions of the best products, fast services, and reliable quality control and after-sales services.


To become South Sumatera's most commited pride of digital printing world by providing the most creative and professional digital artworks along with the best quality and services in time.


Create and provide the best services in digital printing trends, Working in the most professional, innovative, efficient and effective way, Have a very creative, professional and well educated solid teamwork, Excelled at a very fast delivery and responds.

Services process at Studio Kreasindo

Studio Kreasindo
Studio Kreasindo
Studio Kreasindo
Studio Kreasindo
Studio Kreasindo

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Studio Kreasindo

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Email: info@studiokreasindo.com

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